Targeted and data-driven, digital advertising reaches consumers at every point in the buying process and helps them progress through the funnel. Digital media advertising (including online ad channels like Google) can increase sales at every stage of the customer journey.

How is digital advertising different
from traditional advertising?

If you’re familiar with traditional advertising, digital advertising shares a few similarities.

It promotes your company, products, and services to increase brand recognition, sales, and more, just like more conventional forms of advertising. However, it uses digital channels rather than more conventional ones for advertising.

Digital marketing also generates a mountain of information. Real-time analytics on campaign performance is just one example. Furthermore, you can gather information about the audience's age, gender, location, interests, and clickthrough rates.

When compared, conventional advertising provides only the most basic information. No real-time data about the campaign's success is available to you. For instance, a billboard may give your team little to no information to work.

Because of this, online ads are generally viewed as a more practical choice than their offline counterparts.

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