Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitor Analysis Tools



You can get ideas for your own web marketing swiftly by analyzing the websites of competitors. Although you can’t examine their analytics, there are several free competition analysis tools available that can provide you with quick and insightful information.

You can compare your website against the competition in a variety of areas, including search engine optimization, digital advertising, social media, traffic, and technology, using the 15 tools listed below.

As you can see, they have overlapping features, therefore we’ll put them below in alphabetical order. Both free and more capable premium versions are available for all of them. In the thorough descriptions that follow, we’ve also demonstrated how to do a competitive analysis with each.

Search Engine Rankings and Phrases

What are their rankings? What wars are they triumphant in? And are we even engaged in such conflicts?

You can get ideas for content and keyphrases right away by looking at how well your competitors rank for certain terms. Without a tool, the only way to discover this data would be to conduct an exhaustive keyphrase search.

Digital marketing and Pay Per Click

What words are they putting up for bid? Where do they spend their advertising budgets? How do their advertisements look?

Watching a competitor’s ad spending will give you insights into what would be a worthwhile investment for you, similar to how organic rankings work. You can identify what terms and expressions are resonating with your target audience if they are running well-managed, well-optimized campaigns.

Link Popularity and Authority

How well-known and reliable is their website? Do their pages have a higher chance of ranking than ours? Who can target the phrases that are more competitive?

The focus of the next stage of competitive SEO analysis is links. Especially if the links are from websites with a high authority themselves, websites with links from numerous other websites have a greater authority.

Google’s “PageRank” was the first authority metric, but they no longer share this information. These tools thus provide proxy metrics. These reports can be used to locate PR possibilities in addition to the quantity. It can be an excellent site to pitch to yourself if a media outlet or blog has discussed and linked to a rival!

several sources of link popularity information
Links can be tracked and authority metrics can be provided by a variety of programs. They all utilize a scale from 1 to 100 and each has its own name for the number, but they all effectively measure the same thing: the possibility of ranking.

Measures of Search: Page Strength

Which of their articles has the most social media shares? What social network is producing the best outcomes for them? Who shares the content they create?

Social media accounts are simple to view but challenging to analyze. You can quickly see which single postings are receiving the most interaction, but without tools it is impossible to grasp the whole picture.

The suggestions regarding what to write about, where to be active, and who to cooperate with are all quite helpful.

If their website is more well-known than yours, Do they have more customers now? Are their customers more active there?

There are ways to estimate website traffic, but there are no tools that will give you a precise glance into their Analytics. These tools give you a broad overview of who is attracting more visitors, when they come, as well as demographic and behavioral information.

What foundation does their website use? Does WordPress exist? What monitoring tools do they employ?

Website technology is surprisingly obvious, and there are tools that make it simple to determine exactly what software and plugins are attached to your competitor’s website. This gives you insight into the strategies they may employ and what might be effective for you.

This really well-liked tool is fantastic for generating blog post ideas and social listening. But it’s also excellent for research that’s competitive. Simply navigate to a rival website to view its most popular social network posts for any time period.


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