11 Different types of content writing


There are many sorts of content writing so that it is simpler to identify the type of writer that falls into each category. This makes it easier to categorise themselves by genre.

content writing
Technical writing

• Technical writing – This type of writing is geared toward industries such as consumer electronics, computer hardware and software, aeronautics, robotics, engineering, chemistry, and biotechnology. The sort of content includes user manuals, user documentation, help files, technical modules, admin manuals, and other forms of technical literature and reports. This field requires an extremely technologically savvy mind. Despite the fact that these jobs are frequently accessible to all applicants, a technical degree or area of technology expertise is preferred. It’s a win-win situation if the individual is passionate about technology and has a thorough understanding of this genre. This section of text is dull and lacks ‘excitement’ in all other respects. In reality, it is quite difficult for a non-technical person to penetrate, proceed, and advance in this sector. Both HR teams and candidates must proceed with extreme caution and ensure that the proper selection is made. This section’s feature writer will turn out to be a terrible disaster.


SEO content writing

• SEO content writing – Content writing is an integral aspect of the complete SEO marketing process. India is the fastest-growing outsourcing market for SEO. Nearly every other company in the Noida belt appears to be an SEO company. The corporations are able to secure a substantial number of projects from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, thanks to aggressive marketing or whatever. Once projects are secured, a massive amount of “run for your life” content writing effort commences. Typically, when there are less than 20 assignments, businesses prefer to assign them to a single writer. When the number of projects exceeds 50, there is typically a content team to manage it. The majority of the content elements are blogs, articles, news announcements, classified advertisements, and descriptions. These are occupations writing material based on keywords. Insurance services, tangible things, and even teas and Baklava pastries are acceptable themes. For instance, you could be given keywords such as Ontario leather bags, Canada bags, etc. These keywords are generated by SEO professionals and provided to authors for further article development. Is it ethically possible to construct a legitimate statement with a’must have’ keyword such as ‘Canada bags’? In fact, content writers struggle daily to avoid not just committing grammatical errors but also stifling their originality. The suffering is exacerbated by an unreasonable timeline. For instance, you may be required to produce 10 posts with similar keywords daily, and failure to do so could put your employment at jeopardy. A content writer becomes an actual typewriter. The pressure is frequently detrimental to the writer’s physical and mental health. Every day, it is impossible to write 10 blog posts of at least 250 words.

content writingEditorial and publication-based content writing

• Editorial and publication-based writing — This industry caters to the publication of school, college, and university-based books. As I lack experience in this genre, it would be best if I did not speak too much. But still, let me blurt out a little. The vertical is responsible for K12 curriculum and more. With the advent of technology, authors are also required to edit and compose content for the online version. For example, if your work is already available for Windows version 7, you will be asked to generate the identical material for Windows version 8 under a very strict schedule.


Writing for marketing and communication

• Writing for marketing and communication is one of the most intriguing and difficult fields in the entire content writing league. You have numerous writing options. The written pieces include website material, blogs, articles, PowerPoint presentations, social media content, Ebooks, press releases, a newsletter, email campaign content, internal and external communications, marketing collateral such as brochures and flyers, and audio and video content. The entire writing process requires a highly targeted approach. Here, blog and article writing differs from SEO writing. This industry requires a great deal of study and communication with team leaders. For instance, the specified topic could be “IoT maintenance methods in 2016 and beyond.” This section is devoted to elevating content marketing to the next level. Material writers in this genre must possess a marketing-minded mindset, an eye for detail in both writing and design, and the ability to create engaging content. The primary obstacles are divergent creative perspectives and opposing perspectives regarding content techniques.


CSR writing

• CSR writing – “Corporate Social Responsibility” is another potential section in content writing. Content creation is only a component, albeit a crucial one. Industry titans have CSR departments that invest in social causes and engage their personnel. A writer is responsible for the employee engagement communication and the content writing required for CSR-related initiatives. The content creation may include blog posts, reports, and other forms of communication. Since I lack CSR knowledge, I would like a subject matter expert to elaborate on the problems in the comments.

content writingResearch and report authoring

• Research and report authoring — Numerous organisations provide research-based industry reports. The topic may include the most recent developments, whether or not the trends will succeed, likely results, etc. These reports are both content- and quantity-rich. The obstacles faced by authors are primarily related to timelines, content challenges, subjects, etc. I would appreciate it if someone from this genre of writing could remark on the obstacles experienced by writers in this genre. I lack any relevant experience in this subject.


Feature writing

• Feature writing – This section requires all the imagination you can muster. The writing activities include internet and print articles, poetry, short tales, satires, lifestyle and food-based pieces, etc. This area does not require a journalism degree, but it does require a mind that can weave words like magic, study people, develop stories that will attract readers immediately, and have an amazing vocabulary. Blogging is a popular way for people to satisfy their creative demands in the contemporary environment. If you were unable to attend Live MINT, HT, or a similar event, do not lose hope; start your blog immediately. Start with a topic such as “12 topics you would enjoy content writing about.” The same form of content writing may include trip writing as a subfield. Those who are infected with the travel bug should proceed without delay. And if fate prevents you from meeting, you know what to do: Blog it and brag about it!


Instructional design

Instructional design would be the offspring of technical content writing and publications. E-learning or E-education offers writers a wide opportunity to establish an amazing profession in this field. This section requires both content writing and the creation of storyboards. Again, the writer is required to have technical knowledge, the capacity to build characters, and the patience to create huge amounts of information. Writers work hard to overcome obstacles such as changes in school curriculum and technology, to deal with low-quality developers, and to fulfil the international curriculum standards.


Business content writing

• Business content writing is the younger sibling of writing for marketing. The content writing tasks include composing emails, memoranda, sales proposals, RFPs, concept papers, executive summaries, manuals, etc. This genre has enormous growth potential, and the writer can build a solid grasp of the business development and analysis section, as well as advance to a higher position in the future.



• Copywriting – The catchy jingles you hear on the radio and the witty taglines you see on billboards are nothing but magic generated by copywriters. Extremely competitive and challenging, this area virtually necessitates “out-of-the-box” inventiveness. Ideas do not come easily or in a predictable manner, thus these copywriters frequently have distinct personalities and a large vocabulary. The atmosphere in these offices differs from the aforementioned boring corporate culture.



• Ghostwriting – Contrary to the name, this type of writing involves writing on behalf of another individual. Typically, these writers serve C-level officers in firms, such as the CEO, CTO, etc. The officials do not have time to write themselves, so they outsource the task to writers. Here, it is important to note that the authors are not attributed; their names are not revealed. The content is published in the officer’s name. The difficulty of this profile is that the author must think like a CEO or other officer of the same rank. If you are in your twenties and working hard to create a career in this field, you must put in extra effort and consider the business as if you were in your forties, fifties, etc. The secret to such writing is that these officers never consider mundane matters, but rather break stereotypes and introduce innovation to the market.

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