Google My Business Best Practices

Google My Business Best Practices

Google My Business best practices align with SEO.

If you implement Google My Business best practices and advice, you can raise your rank and overtake your competitors. Google’s best practices:

After months of research, I’ve compiled a list of GMB recommendations to boost local search results. I’ve included a printable infographic and video for each recommendation. If you have questions, comment on the video or below.

Here are 7 GMB ranking tips


Every company owner should print and follow this infographic to boost local search results using GMB ranking signals.

There are several tips for improving your listing. With millions of businesses competing in a local boxing ring, make sure your blows count and learn to deal a knockout hit.

Again, location. The most prevalent reason Google suspends small businesses. If you register an invalid address or change it too often, you’re suspended.

Google’s location and address settings might generate suspensions that are difficult to erase. It’s crucial to grasp location and be honest throughout setup.

Without a definite location, you can register your business. Once registered, you can pick whether the business site is public, such as a storefront, or whether you want to be a service that goes to the clients.

Google Maps Business Address Change
Want to alter your Google My Business address or add a service?


Keep up with category changes.
Google narrows searches via categories. Sometimes these categories overlap, therefore it’s vital to choose the proper one. Choose 1 to 3 categories to describe your business accurately.

Google updates the categories often, so check out the full list here, Google My Business Category List, and add any that apply.

GMB Categories


Google Business Categories
GMB rarely requires secondary categories.


Google My Business needs citations.
This is one of Google My Business’s greatest recent modifications. Your business citations appear in Google My Business and your knowledge panel.

So check your other external citations and NAP (see Google my business nap consistency). Search indexes and social media. Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Yext, etc. These elements affect your business’s credibility. Add the importance of NAP (Name, Address, Phone) and inconsistencies might hurt your rank and reputation.

NAP Name Phone

Google Check My NAP
GMB NAP listing (3 Questions Answered)


Traffic-boosting photos and videos
Last time you checked Google My Business insights? Most of my clients don’t get traffic via their website or maps. It’s from pictures. These images demonstrate the Google mobile standard search. Google my business images in SERPs are explained here. Google is presenting more ads. Photos and videos get the most traffic since people appreciate visuals.

What are some image, photo, and video best practices? Geotag all photographs and add text when appropriate. Always upload logo, personnel, and 360-degree video.

Geo-tagging Google My Business photos for local SEO.

Regular, reputable links
After so much manipulation and black hat farm linking, I’ve avoided links. Without link building, can you succeed? Can respectable websites provide decent backlinks? Yes, I think. If you build a trustworthy brand.

If you have informative articles, videos, and images, your content will automatically have external links. Visitors will share it socially. This happens regularly, giving Google signs of a reliable brand.
Great content and a strong brand encourage credible links.

Misunderstood reviews
Google My Business Support says asking for reviews is fine. Encouraged. What’s unexpected is how reviews are used. Most businesses misunderstand how reviews affect rankings. Not the score. This article explains the hypothesis. Local SEO ranks small businesses.

You’ve reminded your consumers to post reviews and want to know what to aim for. The above article indicates that we want diversified, regular, and many reviews. Don’t sweat the grade. According to a survey, 4.3 is a good average.

Link Google My Business Reviews.
Link tip: Increase reviews

Always update GMB practices
Post often. GMB offers more than new posts. Add holiday-related items, events, services, and updates. Update holiday and special hours. Google likes updates. Google My Business Posts give the best signals.

Add Google My Business Posts to boost business inquiries.


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