Google My Business Page: Tips for Optimizing it


One of the best things you can do to improve your SEO is to create a Google My Business Page for your company.

Here we will teach you the best practices for optimizing your brand-new Google My Business page.

Google My Business Page

Methods for Creating a Google My Business Account

It all starts with a trip to Google’s My Business portal. Following that, choose “Manage Now.”

Enter your company’s name and then click “Add your business to Google” if it isn’t already there. You may create a new listing for your company by entering its name on the next page.

After that, you’ll need to choose a business category. While you are typing, a list of possible selections will show in a pull-down menu.

Pick the one that best describes your company.
Customers that are looking for a company like yours will be able to locate you more easily using this method.

In the next window, you’ll be prompted to specify whether or not you have a storefront where clients may visit you in person. Mark “yes” and provide the address of your physical location if you have one. If you run a company entirely online, then the answer is “no.”

Is there a storefront or office there that consumers may visit?
Customers that are looking for your company may find this location on Google Maps and Google Search.

You will be prompted to provide a list of places where you serve consumers if you answered “no” on the previous page. You are not obligated to choose any places, although doing so may improve your ranking in local search results. You may, for instance, add a few big cities as service locations if you already serve customers throughout the country. It will facilitate your being located by others.

In what locations do you provide your services to the public? (optional)

You may specify the regions you cover here. They will be shown on your listing and will aid in attracting potential clients who are interested in what you have to offer.

Then, provide a call-back number and/or URL for further inquiry. As a last step, you’ll be prompted to authenticate your listing after completing this page. After entering the address (which would never be shared) and receiving a verification postcard in the mail, you will be able to confirm my profile.

Which of your contact info would you want to be shown to customers? Include contact information to facilitate consumer communication. You may start being found in searches after you’ve confirmed your company’s information and you now have a Google My Business Page.

An Insider’s Guide to Using Google’s “My Business”

If you want to add extra information to your Google My Business Page after the initial setup is complete, you may do so.

You may choose from five distinct post kinds right now.

1-If your company has had to make adjustments because of the COVID-19 virus, this is an excellent method to let people who discover you on Google know about them.

2-Promote your sale by adding an offer!

3-Updates that don’t fit into the other categories may be added under “Add Update.”

4-Create Event – Include your company’s event. This would be a fantastic location to promote an author signing, for instance, if you own a bookshop.

5-Promote Your New Product by Adding It to your Google My Business Page!


Under the Info page, you may make changes to your company’s profile, including the address, service areas, hours of operation, and contact information.

In addition to a short description of your company on the Google My Business Page, you may highlight the fact that it is run by women or veterans.


If you click on the “Insights” page, you can view the actual search terms that users used to locate your listing.


If you’re in a crowded market with plenty of other firms in the same field and area, having positive customer reviews may make all the difference. Simply asking for feedback from patrons works wonders.


Customers may contact you directly from your Google My Business Page by downloading the My Business app and turning on the messaging feature.


To your Google My Business profile, you may upload visual content such as images and videos. You may personalize your profile with photos such as a cover photo, a logo, and profile photographs of yourself and your colleagues, as well as images of your office and completed projects.

Google My Business Page


Add your items right to the Google My Business Page if you’re selling them. Goods may be sorted into groups, pictures of individual products added, and unique calls to action created.


Your profile is where you get to flaunt your wares and prices to prospective customers.


If you don’t currently have a website for your business, your Google My Business page makes it easy to create one. If you don’t already have anything up, this is theoretically better than nothing, however using a professional that can host a website is always the way to go.


To give others access to your account, choose the “Users” option and enter their details.

The Benefits of Using Your Google My Business Page for Search Engine Optimization

By creating a Google My Business profile, you may enhance the volume of qualified leads flowing to your website from search engines.

You may join up with the professionals at Local Power SEO so that we can enhance your profile and SEO.

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