How Search Engine Works

How Search Engine Works



Crawling, indexing and retrieval are the three processes that make up the work that is done by the search engine.

1) Crawling

How the search engine is used for SEO?

The initial phase in the process by which a search engine utilizes web crawlers to discover the webpages on the World Wide Web is referred to as “crawling.” Google creates its index with the use of a computer known as a web crawler. Crawling is a process in which the crawler browses the web and stores the information about the web pages seen by it in the form of an index. It is designed for crawling, which is a process in which it is designed.

Crawling is a process that is performed by web crawlers, also known as spiders, which are employed by search engines. The job of a crawler is to go to a web page, read it, and then follow the connections on that page to other web pages on the site. When the crawler visits a new webpage, it saves a copy of the page to its memory and adds the URL of the new page to the index. After the URL has been added, it will check the sites at regular intervals, such as once per month or two, for any new content or modifications.

2) Using an index

How is it is used for SEO?

At this point, the copies of web pages that were created by the crawler while it was crawling the website are handed back over to the search engine and stored in a data center. The index that the search engine uses is generated by a crawler with the help of these copies.

A web crawler visits each of the websites that are included in the results that are returned by a search engine and adds them to an index. If your website is not already indexed, the only way for it to appear in the search engine pages is for you to submit it.
The index can be compared to a massive book because it stores a duplicate of every website page that was discovered by the crawler. The crawler will add new content to the book whenever there is an update to any webpage.

The information that was gathered by the crawler is stored in the index, which also includes the URLs of the many websites that were crawled by the bot. Search engines make use of this information to give relevant replies to users in response to the queries entered by those users. If a page is not included in the index, the users will not have access to that page. Crawlers continue to visit websites to gather any new data that may have been added after they last visited. Indexing is an ongoing operation.

3) Retrieval

How is it used for SEO?

As a final step, the search engine will present the user with the answers it considers to be the most helpful and pertinent, arranged in a specific order, in response to a search query that was entered by the user. The search engine PageRank is an example of a common algorithm that is used by search engines. Search engines utilize algorithms to improve the search results so that only authentic material is presented to consumers. It moves through the pages that were stored in the index and displays, on the first page of the results, the web pages that it considers to be the most relevant and useful.


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