How to rank better in Google Maps in 2022

How to rank better in Google Maps in 2022



Most company owners realize Google Maps’ relevance. SEO isn’t only about SERP analysis. You help clients rank in Google Maps. Even if you understand local SEO, Google updates its algorithm. Keeping up with updates is crucial to outranking competitors.

Google made numerous adjustments to local search this year, and some effect Google Maps rankings. These changes will affect Google Maps rankings in 2022.

SEOs call Google’s 2016 “map pack,” “3-pack,” or “local pack.” The new design has a map with three businesses. This adjustment impacted local SEO. Three positions remained out of seven. Local SEO focuses on getting businesses into map packs.

Why improve Google Maps rank?

Every business doesn’t need Google Maps. Local companies can gain more clients and revenue by ranking higher in Google Maps.

Google Maps users will likely search “local business near me” to find your business. If you own a pizza restaurant, customers will likely search for “pizza near me”

This is why Google Maps rankings matter. Customers may never find you if you’re not in the top 3. According to SEO Clarity, the map pack appears at the top of 93% of Google searches, making it the greatest method for small companies to get found.

Every company wants this Google Maps placement. With every business striving for it, how do you get there? 2022 changes:

Keep reading for a competitive edge. 2022 Google Maps optimization tips.

How does Google decide which businesses rank in Google Maps?

Knowing how Google selects businesses for Google Maps will help you rank better. Google Maps is for local companies, not internet ones.

It was developed to assist customers find brick-and-mortar companies. This is why proximity matters. Google shows nearby companies.

Adding your business to Google Maps won’t make it appear first, even if you’re nearest. Google employs many factors to rank businesses. Google reveals what they want.

These are the ranking factors Google analyzes for:
Relevance: This is how closely your business matches what someone is searching for when they make a Google search. Your business name, description, and Google Reviews determine this.

Distance: How close your business is to the person seeking.

Google’s popularity is based on links, articles, and directories. Google reads reviews. Google favors sites with more good reviews.

Not seeing your reviews? Read this.

Google Maps SEO

Google Maps is like organic search. Google considers on- and off-page elements. In Google Maps, on-page SEO is done on your Google Business Profile, unlike organic search. A business can rank well in Google Maps without a website. Google employs on-page and off-page SEO to rank businesses in Google Maps.

Google Profile SEO

GBP Optimization
Reviewing Google
Behavior indicators
Off-Page SEO Google Maps


Backlinks SEO
GBP Optimization (Google Business Profile)
First, claim your Google Business Profile. Verify your listing. Optimize your profile after verification.

GBP name should include keywords

Use keywords in your profile name. Your profile name should reflect your business. Rather than ABC Company, name your fitness center ABC Fitness Center. Google is cracking down on businesses utilizing keyword spam to rank well on Google Maps. In 2022, keywords in your profile name may not be as helpful.

Complete GBP

Complete your GBP’s address, phone number, category, and qualities. Include keywords, location, and products or services in your business description. Include operating hours.

Choose a business category. Do a search for your term to check what category your competitors are using. Add secondary categories to your profile (but be sure they are relevant).

Choose attributes like woman-owned or veteran-owned. Choose a brief username. Even if you have a website, create a free Google site. Your displays business info, contact info, and GBP updates.


Photos help more than you realize. According to a Google study, companies with photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions from Google users and 35% more visits to their websites.


Regularly update GBP. This may increase click-through rate but not SEO. If you have a Google business website, it adds content.

Google reviews from clients


Google Reviews are one way Google determines your business’s popularity and what locals think about it. Positive Google reviews boost your Google Maps ranking.

Asking your clients and customers to post a review for your business is one of the best techniques to gain more Google reviews. Google is filtering more reviews, even from satisfied consumers, say business owners. Google has cracked down on phony reviews because they’re a ranking influence. Google’s screening algorithm may be overlooking your reviews.

Reply to your customers’ reviews. Google says this makes a Google Business Profile fantastic.

Behavioral GBP

Improve your Google Business Profile to rank higher in Google Maps in 2022. Google looks beyond your GBP. They look at how customers find you. Call you? Your website? Find directions? Google uses these acts to gauge consumer satisfaction.

Off-Page SEO Google Maps


Google Maps rankings can be improved with a well-optimized GBP and great reviews. Other variables can boost your Google Maps ranking. This includes your website, directories, social media, publications, and backlinks.


Website optimization improves organic search and Google Maps rankings. Google uses web-wide information about your business to rank you. Your website is included.

Google Maps optimization

Local keyword optimization. If you own a real estate business, you might optimize for “Atlanta realtor” or “best realtor in Atlanta”

Add city pages for cities you serve. This tells Google you offer services in that city and provides details.

Websites should have contact information. Your firm should also have a Google map. Add this to your website’s bottom or contact page.

Website schema markup. Schema markup adds code to your website to tell Google about your business. It includes your location, phone number, business hours, and social media profiles.

NAP references (Name, Address, and Phone Number)

Google Maps popularity is influenced by connections, articles, and directories. Citations include your company’s name, address, and phone number. Citations are listings in Yellow Pages, Manta, Yelp, or Angie’s List. Local company directories or industry-specific directories are valuable reference sources.


Many SEOs confuse citations and backlinks. While directories often link back to your website, they’re not backlinks. A citation is any mention of your business on another website. Backlinks are links from other sites to yours.

Your name, address, and phone number aren’t usually in backlinks. It can connect to the homepage, internal pages, or blog entries. More backlinks improve local search rankings.


Active social media might indirectly increase your Google ranking. Social media’s impact on SEO is debated in the SEO community. Having an active social media presence can help increase traffic to your website, develop natural backlinks, and encourage customers to visit.

Google Maps Changes and What to Expect in 2022
Google changed the name of Google My Business to Google Business Profile, changed the layout of the map pack, and added new capabilities for business owners in 2021.

Google Business Profile replaced Google My Business.

Google My Business became Google Business Profile on November 4, 2021, making it easier for business owners to claim and validate their information on Google Maps.

Google Maps now offers two options to list your business. Create a Google Business Profile at or search for your business on Google Maps. If your business address isn’t displayed, search. Click Add business. This will take you to the Google Business Profile page.

Google added business features.

Google added business features. You may now message search visitors without logging into your business profile. You may also check your call history to see which Google Maps visitors phoned you.

Google now displays shop inventories. Shoppers can now search for stores that stock an item. Many customers check to verify whether stores stock a product before shopping there.

Google introduced new features.

Businesses can now list traits like LBTQ+ friendly and “staff wears masks” 2022 may bring additional GBP features. Check next year for new features.

Google redesigned the map pack.

Google redesigned map packs in 2021. Google’s company map is now larger and more visible. Businesses are on the map’s left side, not underneath.

Google’s “Vicinity Update”

Google fought spam in 2021. In the last Vicinity upgrade, businesses who dominated local search because of terms in their name saw large decreases in Google Maps. Your business’s notoriety and proximity are more crucial than a keyword.

December saw Google’s algorithm upgrade. The change “rebalanced numerous parameters we evaluate in generating local search results,” they said, without mentioning proximity.

The Vicinity upgrade reintroduced proximity as a Google ranking consideration. Google says they consider relevance, distance, and prominence.

Google may alter in 2022. Google wants to enhance user experience. This includes improving Google Maps for clients.

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