How to Register for Free on Google My Business

How to Register for Free on Google My Business


Can you register for free on Google My Business? Let’s find out!

By sharing relevant information about your company in your listing, such as contact and location details, customer reviews, company updates, event details, special offers, and more, you can better connect with potential and existing customers online if you run a business that provides services to customers at a specific location or within a defined service area.

Who Fits Google My Business Well?
Google My Business is a tool created for local businesses that visit clients in the neighborhood (such as an electrician) or whose clients might come to the business at a specific location (e.g., a retail store).

Other marketing tools like Google Ads are advised for reaching customers for online businesses, bloggers, and other national service providers who do not serve customers in a local service area because these business types are unlikely to be approved by Google’s final review process.


Enter the details of your company

Select a verification technique. One or more alternatives will be given to you for authenticating your business.
Note: A postcard will typically be delivered to your address within 5 days. Faster verification methods, such those that use email, phone, or auto-verification, might also be advantageous for your business.

View the insights page to see the traffic data for your listing and find out how people are finding your profile.
Reviews on Google
To respond to a customer review straight from your Bluehost account, go to the Reviews tab.
Posts Share significant updates about your company by visiting the Posts tab. You may publish posts straight to your listing with Bluehost, whether you want to share “What’s New,” information about an upcoming event, a special deal or special alert pertaining to COVID-19, or your most recent blog post.
Be patient, please. It can take a few minutes for your post to appear on your listing.

Using photos in posts – You must specify the image’s URL in order to incorporate it in your post. It is advised that you upload your image to your WordPress Media Library, which is accessible from the WordPress main menu. Read on to learn more about how.

Who’s New?

Are there any updates from your business? Customers can access a message, an image, and a button link from your listing.
Is there a forthcoming event at your business? Customers can access event information, including the date, time, and registration URL, through an Event post.
Offers Is your business conducting a campaign or trying to get more people to visit the website? To offer information on a campaign, including its start and finish dates, a coupon code, a redemption URL, and terms and conditions, use an Offer post.
Use the Alert post type to discuss your company’s status and any unique alerts regarding current events, such as COVID-19.
Including Pictures in Your Posts
You will have to input the url or URL of the image in order to add it to your article (vs. uploading an image from your computer). You can do this in a number of ways, including:

In order to copy and paste the link address, right-click an image in your browser (URL)
Enter a picture in the WordPress Media Library (found within your WordPress dashboard menu). The URL can then be viewed by clicking the image in your library.
Copy and paste the link after uploading the photograph to a third-party platform.

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