NAP & Citations

N-A-P stands for your business Name, your business Address, and your customer-facing Phone number.

Unfortunately, a local listing is no guarantee of good search engine results page ranking.

Good Local SEO at its core, will have included NAP from the start in every single place your business information is listed.

What is NAP Consistency – And Why is it Good for SEO?

Consider NAP as your digital thumbprint, a unique identifier for your business as regarded by Google and other search engines.

Inconsistent NAP leads to confusion and is negatively attributed by search engines. It is more important to have your business mentioned the same than to have it listed in multiple places.

Inconsistent NAP often means search engines fail to register and give credit to your website for having a business listing on a particular business listing site.

This simply robs you of all the effort and time that you have invested in creating a business listing.

How Does This Happen?

Incorrect, inconsistent listing generally arises due to many but not limited to the following causes:

  • Change in location of the office
  • Change in business name or trade name
  • Use of tracking numbers/virtual numbers in the past that are now dropped
  • Branding updates
  • An automated data aggregator incorrectly fetched information.
  • Merger or Acquisition causing alteration in the NAP of business
  • Change in the phone number
  • Human error when creating the listings

how can we help?

The local SEO experts Local Power Seo employ a three-stage process to effectively audit and fix your NAP across popular citation sites. First, an advanced Local Citation Audit is performed to generate your current NAP profile across popular citation sites. Our Search Masters then identify and tag any duplicate, incorrect, incomplete, or mismatched listings.

Finally, a thorough clean-up procedure is performed that ensures your business listing looks alike everywhere, thus achieving a consistent NAP profile across the business listing web inverse.

What's the result?

Shortly after the NAP fixing exercise is completed, the change is registered by search engines, and from there you may start to see the impact of NAP on your local search performance.

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