ADA Compliance Services

Provide Equal Access to Your Website

The lack of assistive devices and non-adapted communication methods affects more than one billion people living with disabilities globally. With an ADA compliant website, you can provide equal access to your online content for all page visitors.

Local Power Seo provides ADA compliance services using a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) solution that allows your website visitors to traverse your website without difficulty. We give online customers the ADA website compliance tool they need to prevent ADA website compliance lawsuits, take advantage of ADA tax breaks, and become life-long customers.

Local Power Seo is one of the few ADA compliance firms that offers full-service web solutions that meet ADA accessibility standards. Our ADA compliance specialists completed extensive training, conducted extensive research, and spent months brainstorming to create an AI solution that serves as an ADA compliance website checker and handles all WCAG compliance duties.

We evaluated and installed the ADA website compliance checker on our website before providing our ADA services to verify it meets its function and conforms with the ADA rules. Learning how to design an ADA-compliant website is only the beginning. We are constantly improving our web solutions and AI tool in order to assist more businesses and organizations in meeting the ADA criteria and passing the ADA compliance website test.

Here is our process:


Your website's current ADA compliance status will be determined after our review. Provide a detailed report on the findings of the ADA compliance website checker.

Present an in-depth report of the ADA compliance website checker results.



Go over the choices you have for maintaining ADA compliance on your website. ​

We review your website to determine its current ADA compliance status.



Install the tool for ADA compliance on your website

What Makes Local Power Seo better at ADA Website Compliance?

1. Initial Summary Report

Is my website accessible? We do an in-depth website evaluation and generate a Summary Report to reflect the present state of your website.

We offer you with a Final Summary Report that certifies your website is now in compliance with the ADA standards, WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and EN 301549 once we have applied the ADA website compliance checker and performed the remediation.

2. Compliance Shield

Our ADA compliance experts install a compliance shield on your website to notify page visitors and potential lawyers that you are working to make your website ADA compliant.

A compliance shield is an essential part of your ADA website checklist. It acts as a trust signal and eliminates the possibility of ADA website compliance lawsuits.

3. Remediation

Our ADA compliance specialists address any site issue that our AI tool discovers to ensure your website remains WCAG compliant and provides the greatest possible online experience to all page visitors.

This extra effort enables us to protect your brand from lawsuits and keep it ADA compliant.

4. Dedicated ADA Compliance Specialists

We believe that transparent communication and client dedication are critical components of maintaining ADA website compliance and online success.

When you sign up for our ADA services, we will assign you to a team of ADA compliance specialists that will assist you throughout the process. This design makes it easier to communicate if you have any questions or concerns.

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