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Google Maps and Google My Business (GMB) are effective marketing and SEO tools. Having a Google My Company listing increases the likelihood that your business will appear in a Google search and among the top three highlighted companies (called the Google Local 3-pack).

Setting up a Google My Business account may be difficult and rather irritating. 56% of local firms in 2016 have not claimed their Google my business listing, according to research.

If you are confused or need assistance, the Local Power SEO team will explain how to proceed here.

However, after your listing has been created and adjusted, it is crucial to routinely monitor your GMB listing. Google enhances GMB’s functionalities and prospects.

In addition, the general public may contribute evaluations and edit suggestions, which Google may or may not approve. If you don’t monitor your listing, it’s easy to overlook changes or client feedback, and your company might lose out on some of this service’s advantages.

Google Maps for Business

Instead of simply the address map, include your GMB Map on your website to connect it to your GMB page. It seems normal to visit Google Maps, enter your business’s address, and then get the embed link for your website.

However, embedding the map that comes with your GMB page is more effective, since it includes your company name and links to your GMB profile. Here is an illustration of each:

To integrate this on your website, visit the business’s Google My Business page. Not certain about the route? Enter the business name in the search field on Google Maps. If your company has a GMB Page, it should be shown here.

Follow the link to see the GMB Page. Once there, you will see a map on the right and your company information on the left (the “Knowledge Panel”). Click the “Share” button to get the page’s URL, or the “Embed a Map” link to embed the map on your site.

Google Maps


Share a Link to Receive Feedback

Reviews are an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. We believe that Google considers reviews as part of its ranking algorithm since many people depend on them for decision-making. Google has developed a link that makes it quite simple to solicit reviews.

To get this connection, you must first generate a new “short name.”

Here are the necessary steps:
Register with Google My Business.
Open the place for which you want to generate a short name.
Click About from the menu Add a profile abbreviation.
Enter your initials. You have up to 32 characters to enter.
If your name is not available, you will get an error notice and be required to choose an alternate name. Try abbreviating your name or adding other information, such as your location.

You may also choose a second descriptor for your company or brand.
Select Apply. Your short name will appear as pending, and it will appear on your Business Profile when it’s complete.
Once your short name has been developed, you will get a link to request reviews.

Sign in with your GMB Account
Look for the box on the right that reads “Get More Reviews,” and share this link through email or social media with your consumers.

Include Driving Directions on Google Maps
You may incorporate driving instructions from Google Maps instead of simply a map showing the location. This is extremely handy for your Contact Us page visitors.

To do this:

From the Knowledge Panel of your business’s Google My Business listing
Click “Directions” on the Google Maps after clicking “Map”
Make this URL a link on your page. You may post something like “Get directions to Our School” on your Contact Us page. This is an excellent usage of anchor text, which is the linked text that explains the link’s content.

Using the directions link provides Google with a connection to the location of your local company, which may be advantageous for SEO.

Verify Your Details and Settings
Google constantly modifies its search engines. Sterling Sky offers weekly reports on local SEO-related Google updates. Last month, Google stated that logos may be included in GMB map listings and introduced “short names.”

We have uncovered previously unknown “Offerings” that are very relevant to our client’s company. We’re intrigued to see whether adding them to the profile improves the website’s SEO results.

Google recommends monitoring your GMB account and changing it whenever necessary. In the GMB listing settings, there are many sections to fill out, including your company hours, service area, business categories, and more.

Fill out as much information as possible and keep it up-to-date to help your company maximize Google’s marketing potential.

For professional assistance, get in touch with the pros at Local Power SEO to set up your profile and get you seen!

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