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How To Use Google My Business to Get Customers

How to Attract Customers Using Google My Business

How to Attract Customers Using Google My Business   Google My Business: What is it? Businesses and organizations can manage their online presence across Google, including Google Search and Google Maps, with the help of Google My Business, a free and simple-to-use service that will attract customers. Your company’s lifeblood is new consumers, and you …

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Google Business Profiles

Google Business Profile integrates Maps and Search features

Google Business Profile integrates Maps and Search features   Google is also improving company profile management in Search and Maps. Google is changing Google My Business to Google Business Profile as it shifts business profile management out of the app and onto Search, Maps, and other apps.   Renaming Google My Business is now Google Business Profile.  Google claimed the new name is to “keep things simple,” and the app will be retired in 2022.   New name?   Google Business Profile was formerly Google My Business, Google Places, Google+ Local, Google Places, and Google Local.  Yes, the local business management product has had several names.   Google My Business disappears Why is Google My Business disappearing?  Google encourages businesses to maintain single listings on Google Search or Google Maps using the web or mobile apps.  Google has traditionally let businesses manage their individual listings directly in search results or Google Maps. Now, Google says it prefers firms with single listings manage their businesses through Search or Maps rather than the old Google My Business panel. Google will redirect and rebrand the Google My Business web interface; I still use to get to   If you manage numerous locations for your business or are a local SEO, you will still utilize Google My Business, renamed Business Profile Manager.  Business Profile Manager may change in coming months.   Enhancements Google also unveiled new functionalities.  New features:   Verify your Google Business Profile in Google Search and Maps.   US and Canada launch Call History (more details here)   Google Search messaging (more details here)   Google Search and Maps allow read receipts.   Your business management.  Search for “my business” in Google Search to view the business you’ve claimed and confirmed.   Planner Google Ads’ Performance Planner lets you plan Local campaign budgets.  Performance Planner allows you plan your advertising expenditure and observe how changes effect important indicators and performance.  This tool allows you see forecasts for your campaigns, evaluate outcomes by modifying campaign settings, and analyze seasonal possibilities. Appearance Here are web and app screenshots for these features: Search-based messaging Histories Receipts Care.  Google’s local search is supported by Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business.  In the next months, additional elements from the previous Google My Business online interface will operate natively in Google Search, Google Maps, and their apps.   In the next weeks, Google My Business will rebrand on social media and in assistance forums. Even though you …

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Google My Business Page

Google My Business Page: Tips for Optimizing it

Google My Business Page: Tips for Optimizing it One of the best things you can do to improve your SEO is to create a Google My Business Page for your company. Here we will teach you the best practices for optimizing your brand-new Google My Business page. Methods for Creating a Google My Business Account It …

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6 Great Reasons You Must Have A Google Business Profile

In today’s digital age, having a Google Business Profile is a must for almost any company. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult – here are seven reasons why you need a google business profile and how to get it set up as soon as possible!   Connect with potential customers Google helps businesses and entrepreneurs …

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Writing an SEO-Friendly Blog Post

10 Tips on How to Write a Great SEO-Friendly Blog Post

If you’ve ever published a blog article, you are aware of the time and commitment involved. The process typically takes hours, from choosing a topic and doing research to drafting the piece and clicking “Publish.” Therefore, it might be a significant letdown if your piece doesn’t receive the traffic you anticipated. Fortunately, search engine optimization …

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