The Pros and Cons of Using Google Analytics


When people think of monitoring activity on the web, they almost always think of Google Analytics.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this platform.

Google Analytics

The Pros

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for doing fundamental monitoring and getting an overall picture of the visitors to your website. If determining which web browsers, operating systems, and kinds of devices are used to access your website is your primary concern, Google Analytics could be the right tool for you. In addition to this, they provide a free plan that allows for the creation of up to 20 non-PII (personally identifiable information) attributes that are unique to the user.

It shouldn’t take you too much time to include the code into your website either. To begin tracking, you will need to upload a snippet of JavaScript to your website, much like the majority of other trackers.

The Cons

The primary problems with Google Analytics stem from the practice of sampling data and the company’s emphasis on anonymous data.

Sampling, according to Google, is “the technique of studying a subset of all data in order to find the useful information that is included in the entire data set.” To put it another way, the data provided by Google Analytics are not always correct since it is dependent on the subset that they are sampling from.

The fact that Google Analytics places such great emphasis on anonymized data is another important concern. The vast majority of other platforms, such as customer relationship management systems, marketing tools, and online commerce platforms, are based on email addresses. Because of this, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to match any of this data with the data from Google Analytics.

Local Power SEO enables you to comprehend the whole beginning-to-end journey that users take throughout your site or platform, with a particular emphasis on the behaviors of individual users. This gives a great deal of transparency in terms of knowing what directly pushed customers to buy or what aspects of your website need to be addressed in order to enhance conversions.

How to Make the Most of Marketing with Google Analytics

Because there are billions of individuals utilizing the internet, marketers are forced to create novel and inventive methods to sell their goods in order to compete. They may accomplish this goal by participating in online advertising campaigns, such as those run by Google or Facebook, for example. However, the effectiveness of these advertisements depends on their ability to target the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time with the appropriate advertisement.

Many websites utilize Google Analytics for their marketing efforts since it allows them to assess how successful their campaigns are.

When someone visits your website from a URL that has UTM tags, Google will keep a record of the visit. The marketing efforts that you are undertaking may be tracked with the use of these tags. You will have the ability, although with sampled data, to see how many visitors you have and the pages that they are viewing on your website.

Google Analytics

Data Is Collected Randomly Through Google Analytics

Although it is essential to learn which initiatives are doing the best, this information does have certain limitations that should be taken into consideration. As was previously stated, Google Analytics makes use of sampled data, which means that it estimates the number of visitors to your website. This is the most common reason why the data from Google Analytics don’t line up with the results of other analytical tools.

Google Analytics also has another major limitation that any business owner will have to deal with, and that is the fact that it collects data on the behavior of visitors, but it is unable to provide any insight on who these visitors actually are. This is a challenge for anyone who owns a company because it is essential information for running a successful enterprise. This is really necessary in order to have a proper grasp of how marketing initiatives are doing.

Data is never randomly picked, and utilizing their Attribution Reports, you can accurately determine the number of conversions that can be ascribed to any individual campaign. Any new visitors who visit your site through one of these links will have their UTM tags immediately recorded when they get there.

Local Power SEO provides you with the intelligence you need to make the most intelligent, data-driven choices possible, beginning with the very first email that is sent and continuing through the browsing of your website, obtaining a demo, and eventually purchasing your product.

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