Free Tools to Analyze Your Social Media Competitors

Free Tools to Analyze Your Social Media Competitors



Are you interested in enhancing your social media marketing?

Have you analyzed the social media strategies used by your rivals?


Evaluate the effectiveness of Facebook Pages

Any Facebook page can run a fast health check with LikeAlyzer. Because it can perform its magic without access to Facebook Insights and because its features are consistent across pages, the tool is frequently utilized for competitive research.

The data is provided in a comfortable enough manner that you can simply collect screenshots and import various analyses into a document for a competitive comparison, even though it doesn’t present a side-by-side comparison like Fanpage Karma.

Each page is given an overall score between 1 and 100 by LikeAlyzer, along with averages for the sector and comparable brands. Additionally, it will provide you with analytics such as likes, growth, engagement rate, and PTAT (People Talking About This). The strength or weakness of each of these measures is indicated by a green check mark or a red X next to it.
Additionally, by assessing responsiveness, timing, post type, and page information, the tool will examine many aspects of your page (using the same check mark and X system). It also offers advice on how to strengthen the engagement on your page, such as what material you should concentrate on and when to post.

When you want to quickly verify your page, LikeAlyzer is great, but you’ll benefit from it best if you utilize it to research several rival websites. To identify areas where your brand can step up and take the lead, pay close attention to the recommendations the tool spits out for other pages.

Determine the Influencers

Both an analytics dashboard and an influencer identification platform are offered by Klear, formerly known as Twtrland. Klear will provide 10 influencers in several categories if you search for influencers by skill or region (celebrities, power users, casual, etc.). For more results, upgrade to a pro subscription, which starts at $249 per month.
To see a breakdown of the followers and activity on the account by influence level, switch to the Network page. Age, location, gender, and interests are all broken out under the Demographics page, however you’ll need to pay to a pro account to view more than one or two insights for each area.

Klear is among the top influencer identification platforms for creating outreach and influencer lists. It’s also a great choice for checking out the accounts of rivals. The audience analysis tools allow you to evaluate the audience’s quality rather than just its size, and its top content dashboard is visually appealing and simple to read.

Fourth: Examine Twitter Activity
The most effective free feature of Twitonomy is its account analyzing tool. You can choose to view the analysis for your account or any other Twitter handle you choose after signing in with your Twitter account on the right side.

How many tweets will be examined will be decided by the tool. Though the amount of activity in the account will decide how far back in time it goes, it’s typically a large figure, frequently in the thousands. The investigation will cover a longer time period, maybe even up to several years, if the account doesn’t tweet frequently. To specify your own time frame, upgrade to a premium account for $19 per month.

A number of indicators, such as average daily tweets, total retweets, and favorites, will be produced by the analysis. It will also show you how many links, hashtags, mentions, replies, and retweets you used in your tweets.

sme twitter account
View a thorough examination of tweets for any Twitter account.
Twitonomy will display the users that interacted with you the most frequently over the specified time period in the form of retweets, replies, and mentions beneath your data. The most popular tweets are then broken down, along with the days of the week and times the account was most active.

Twitonomy network and hashtags, mostly
Look at a Twitter account’s engagement data.
You can download all of the tweets for any account from a specific time period if you have a premium account. Given that it contains the favorite and retweet accounts, this is tremendously helpful if you want to conduct your own data research.

Or, for free within the designated time period, you can download your own tweets from Twitonomy.

You cannot utilize the Mentions & RTs page for a competitive audit because it is only usable for the account you used to log in. Even so, it provides you with a helpful picture of your most influential and engaged people. After that, you can click on and review their profiles.

What I appreciate about Twitonomy is how effectively it presents all the data you require to fast evaluate a social media strategy for an account. You can get a sense of how the account tackles content development and engagement by looking at the breakdown of users the account engages with most frequently, along with the most popular hashtags and content.



The true strength of these resources lies in synthesizing what you’ve learnt and setting up specific goals to change your social strategy in accordance. You are now armed with some of the best tools for auditing your competitors’ social media presence.

Think about some of the best content you’ve ever seen. How would you go about doing it with your own accounts? What about measures for engagement? Who was the strongest, and what are they doing to beat the competition in terms of outreach and content creation?

Since you’ll be able to tell who’s winning, determine why, and incorporate it into your approach. In the end, social interaction is what makes social media so fantastic. Every social media activity your rivals engage in is visible to the public and open to analysis.

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