What do Local Search Citations mean? 3 Useful Tips



Here is how Local search citations operate, why they are advantageous to your business, and how to boost your local search rankings.

Local search citations
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Local search citations are a fundamental component of local SEO.

Here is how they operate, why they are advantageous to your business, and how to boost your local search rankings.

Citations in local search engine optimization (SEO) are references of your business’s name, address, and phone number (often referred to as NAP) on websites other than your own. Google’s local algorithm considers your NAP information as a relevancy indicator and evidence that your business is authentic and located at the address stated in your Google My Business page.

Why local search citations are crucial

Citations play a fundamental part in local SEO (see our article on What Is Local SEO And How Does It Function?). In order to appear in local search results while you’re just starting out, you need citations; consequently, building citations and monitoring citations are essential actions that search marketers include when managing a local SEO strategy.

  1. Google’s local search algorithm consistently attempts to return the best local businesses for each local query. Sites are returned depending on their relevance and prominence, with citations playing an important role in relevancy.
  2. Your citations assist Google in confirming that you are located where your website claims you are. As Google explores the web and observes that a number of reliable websites offer the same business information, including your NAP (name, address, and phone number) information, it will begin to recognise you as a legitimate local business. With this increased confidence, Google is more likely to include your business in its local search results.
  3. Similarly, as the algorithm observes your NAP information appearing on additional local sites, it will begin to connect your quantity of listings with your business’s significance and popularity. This may also result in improved local rankings.
Which citations are required?

There is no official list of must-have business citation sources, as each vertical—and each city—often has its own essential citation websites, such as your local chamber of commerce, respected internet directories, and industry-specific business directories. Facebook, Google, Yelp, Apple Maps, and Foursquare are well-known citation sources for any business, but you’ll need to perform some research to determine which citations will be the most visible to your target audience.

Not certain where to begin? Use a local citation finder. Local Power SEO is a business that provides local SEO and citation building services. On this website, you will locate the top citation sites for each country and each industry with help of experts. Perform a fast Google search for your location and industry, noting the top three results. These are the citations that will benefit your business the most.

How to make your citations appear

Citations may exist on websites even if they were not added manually. Numerous relevant and authoritative local directories and websites accept data feeds from third parties in order to obtain listings, so your information will flow automatically downstream. If you have a new business and need to gain a listing on citation websites, you have three options for citation opportunities:

  1. Manual submission (do it yourself): You or a member of your team submit the data manually into each listing site. It’s a time-consuming process, but it ensures that your information is accurate on every website.
  2. Manual submission (pay someone): Several services are available to handle manual submission or NAP data on your behalf. You can pay a provider to add your information to citation sites on your behalf if you lack the bandwidth to do so yourself.
  3. You can collaborate with a service to submit your NAP data to the primary data aggregators, resulting in your information being distributed to hundreds of other websites.
Provide as much detail as possible.

In addition to the NAP information, citations might also include other information about your company. Include your operation hours, a full description of your firm, your logo, and a business email address that people may use to reach you whenever feasible.

Consistency is crucial

Since citations offer the foundation for your SEO, it is essential that they are accurate. Ensure that your company’s name is always spelled correctly and does not contain additional keywords. Additionally, your physical address and telephone number should be consistent across all sites. Google’s algorithm may detect incorrect, incomplete, or duplicate NAP data across many citation sites as a red flag.

If you feel that there are issues with the consistency of your NAP data — possibly as a result of moving to a new location or transferring call tracking providers — you will need to clean your citations by correcting the wrong information.

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